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Community Support

Community Hunger Solutions couldn't succeed at our mission without the generous support of community members. From major financial contributors to occasional volunteers, everyone is essential.


Organic Valley is truly an inspiration to our community. You'll find them featured on our food rescue page, too. In addition to financial contributions, they support CHS by donating large amounts of produce and dairy.

Through Organic Valley's Employee Community Giving Grant, OV donated $30,000 to CHS over the course of three years!

In 2019, their Farmer Community Giving Grant funded the improvement of CHS' food storage and distribution facilities, enabling us to store sweet potatoes and winter squash longer and distribute dairy safely.

In November 2020, Organic Valley announced their commitment to supporting Community Hunger Solutions on an annual basis with a donation of $10,000 each year!


Organic Valley continues to be an important partner of CHS.

Organic Valley also provides volunteers as part of team building days. 


"Free" "Local" "Independent" may have you asking "Aren't all food pantries free and local and independent?" It may surprise you to know that many are none of these. Nationally led organizations often provide hunger relief services at a cost to the communities where they operate.


Hunger Relief Federation is a network of Free Local and Independent hunger relief organizations in Wisconsin. HRF strives to work with and support already existing local pantries or help a community start a new one with local control. Through Community Hunger Solution's partnership with Hunger Relief Federation, CHS receives funding to purchase local food from our network of farmers and weekly food donations including milk, cheese, meat, eggs, and produce!

Hunger Relief Federation also works to connect organizations in their network with each other so we can share resources and support each other's missions.

As a pillar of their mission, Hunger Relief Federation works to support policy change that will help end future hunger, including advocating for funds to pay local farmers who provide food for hunger relief in their communities. 

The Federation doesn't charge for organizations to join its network and only has one requirement: The organization must commit to providing its services to those in need of food assistance free of charge. This is something that comes naturally to truly local food pantries and organizations like Community Hunger Solutions. It's why we got into this game in the first place.


Bader Philanthropies, Inc. strives to be a philanthropic leader in improving the quality of life of the diverse communities in which it works.

Community Hunger Solutions receives annual funding from Bader Philanthropies to benefit the elderly in our communities, a demographic overwhelmingly affected by food insecurity. Bader funding allows CHS to deliver food directly to assisted living facilities in Viroqua and Westby and to several community meal programs that provide home cooked, healthy meals for seniors and others.


More than just feeding people, community meals give people a place to gather and stay connected, something vitally important for the elderly in our communities!


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