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COVID - 19 Update #4 - Farm to Family Collaborations

We've had a busy week with lots of progress being made around hunger relief specific to COVID-19.

Community Hunger Solutions has added Neighbor Loaves to our partnerships, allowing us to supply local partner pantries with locally baked bread made from locally sourced grains! Woo hoo! This great project allows local bakeries to stay open, sourcing high quality grains from local farmers, and gets really healthy food to community members in need of food assistance!

Order your loaves here:

The first payments of P-EBT went out to families who currently receive EBT benefits which will help them purchase the increased amount of food they'll need now that everyone's kiddos are home from school for the rest of the year. Even more relief payments will go out to families who are eligible for free or reduced lunches.

We've coordinated with Hunger Task Force of La Crosse to begin receiving milk through the WI Dairy Recovery Program, aimed at keeping farmers paid while sending that milk to families in need. We'll be able to add locally produced milk to our deliveries beginning next week!

Community Hunger Solutions has officially become a member of the Hunger Relief Federation, a state-wide organization committed to providing Free and Local hunger relief to individuals and families in need. So proud to support this organization and the work they're doing!

And, CHS continues to consider the health and safety of ourselves and our partners. We continue to wear masks and gloves when we deliver and are leaving the lightly packed boxes outside the pantry for workers to load in themselves to minimize contact. It's the best reason to play "Ding-dong, ditch" ever!

Thanks for your support! Stay home if you are able and stay well!


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