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COVID-19 Update #1

I hate to start a new website and a brand new blog this way, but here we are.

Rest assured, Community Hunger Solutions remains committed to connecting excess food with people who lack access. We've just had to make some changes to the "how".

As of March 16th- CHS suspended all volunteer shifts to minimize human contact. CHS continues to coordinate with our volunteer resources to help organizations with increased need.

CHS suspended all non- essential deliveries. Second Harvest of Southwest Wisconsin is offering pre packed boxes to their partner pantries. Our partners that are receiving these boxes don't need CHS deliveries, but we're redirecting excess produce to Second Harvest and Hunger Task Force La Crosse so fresh, local food is still going to families in need! For pantries that aren't receiving these boxes, CHS has made some changes to protect pantry volunteers and patrons- We've increased volume of deliveries to reduce frequency. We're filling all orders on Sunday which gives the boxes three days to detox before distributing. This is possible because the shelf life of produce and dairy we receive from local farmers and Organic Valley is much better than most donations, so we're able to have greater flexibility. We're dropping all deliveries outside locations instead of carrying them in and helping stock. We're packing boxes at no more than 25# so that all pantry volunteers can move them easily. On delivery day, CHS staff wears rubber gloves and hand sanitizes frequently to maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness!

For many of us when faced with a crisis, our instinct is to DO something. Be mindful. Listen. Find someone reaching out for help. Beware of groups aiming to help but not following those principals. Rest assured that right now, the best thing many of us can do is stay home. Spend time with your family. Get into a meal prep routine. Learn that skill you've been wanting to try. Go outside! Hang in there, folks! We can get through this together!


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