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This is in response to the #AmplifyMelinatedVoices #TheShowMustBePaused and #BlackoutTuesday challenges in response to the most recent unjustified police killing - George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers on May 25th, 2020. While racial justice isn't a direct mission of Community Hunger Solutions, racial inequities are a direct cause of hunger and poverty. So, to effectively fight against hunger CHS must fight against racial injustice. Even well-meaning white folks can clutter up social justice movements and drown out the voices that really need to be heard. So, CHS has been silent on social media other than to re-post media by people of color. We've delayed our blog post this week in response to a call for white silence from June 1-7 and, as you can see below, this post contains only links to books, podcasts, movies, and other forms of media by people of color. I hope that it helps you along your journey towards a better understanding of racial issues in America. Compiling this list has been helpful to me, too. I've added a few items to my reading list and subscribed to a new podcast. As white people, we can never say we've "arrived" as social justice allies. It's a constant journey, just like life, where there's always room for growth. Grow with me!

If you're just getting started on your journey towards understanding racism and its long history in the United States:

When you're ready to dive deeper:

Social Media platforms to follow:

Organizations fighting for change:


That's just the tip of the ice burg. Go forth, learn and then become part of the solution. You can easily search up similar lists to continue your education. Then, armed with knowledge, speak up when you see/hear racism happening. #whitesilenceisviolence

But, also, learn when to sit down and be quiet. Mainly, when people of color are trying to speak.


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