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Nearly half of all food produced is thrown out before it ever reaches someone's plate. Meanwhile, one in every 5 Americans is food insecure.

Community Hunger Solutions is dedicated to connecting healthy, locally produced food with community members who lack access.

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The Basics

Community Hunger Solutions uses a replicable model to connect excess local food with community members who lack access.

The Basics

The Basics

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Producing Fresh Food

Strict retail standards and the extremely perishable nature of many food items means a lot of waste in our local food supply chain. Community Hunger Solutions provides support to local farms and food retailers in exchange for their excess food products. Through partnerships with Harmony Valley, Driftless Organics, Organic Valley and others, CHS is able to source tens of thousands of pounds of local produce and thousands of pints of local dairy for redistribution to local food pantries, community meals, and educational programs.

"Without the work of CHS, we wouldn’t be able to contribute to our community in this way and a lot of valuable food would otherwise go to our compost pile." - Andrea Yoder, Harmony Valley Farm

Serving Families in Need

Community Hunger Solutions provides local, organic produce and dairy to 15 area food pantries and community meal sites in Crawford, Monroe, and Vernon Counties. Excess produce in larger volumes is offered to Hunger Task Force of La Crosse and Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, spreading the reach of our program to all of Southern and Western Wisconsin and into Minnesota! CHS delivers produce and dairy to our partner pantries and meal sites free of charge. In 2019, CHS distributed about 90,000 pounds of produce and 10,000 pints/pounds of dairy products for distribution to families facing food insecurity. The most common feedback we get about our food donations is that it's incredibly fresh! CHS prides ourselves on providing food that's every bit as fresh and healthy as that found on grocery store shelves.

"[The patrons] light up when they see the produce we have to offer. Green beans, zucchini, and more...they can't wait to cook them up!"
-Readstown food distribution volunteer

Providing Needed Resources

From major financial contributors to volunteers working a couple of hours each season, Community Hunger Solutions relies on our network of community supporters to provide the labor and money essential to our mission.

CHS operates with just one paid part time employee and exchanges tax deductions for donated food and services whenever possible. The result of this fiscal conservatism? CHS distributes food at a cost of just $0.25 per pound/pint distributed!

Going Further

Systemic Change

Community Hunger Solutions believes in change. People don't have to be food insecure and producing healthy food that's good for the environment shouldn't be a struggle for farmers.


CHS works to educate the public about food insecurity through partnerships within the community. We also work to educate consumers about the unnecessary struggles farmers face in producing food for our tables.

Our newest project, Vernon County Food Equity Project, aims to uncover barriers to food equity in order to find solutions through collaborations with community members facing food insecurity and those with resources.


While hunger still exists, Community Hunger Solutions wants to ensure that healthy food is as accessible as possible. Sometimes that means more than just dropping it off.

CHS provides informational resources for pantries and their patrons to help them better understand how to store and eat various foods. These resources include simple info sheets for pantries to display and recipe cards for patrons to take home.


We also work to bring fresh, local food into classrooms through various partnerships with Farm to School and with schools, directly.


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