CHS Educational Resources


CHS has created a resource guide, recipe cards and held food demos and a workshop for food pantry personnel to give them tools to support food pantry recipients in taking home, cooking and enjoying healthy farm fresh produce.

Educational Demonstrations, Seminars & Programs

  • CHS provides educational demonstrations on-location for Food Pantry personnel to discuss optimal presentation of produce, use of recipe cards, creating successful food demos and food safety. CHS also brings together personnel from different pantries and food banks for interactive workshop presentations.
  • Nutrition education is facilitated through seminars where pantry directors and volunteers gain an increased understanding of the nutritional value and importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet. This supports the promotion of the importance of including fresh produce in a healthy diet to pantry recipients.
  • CHS coordinates educational programs focused on healthy eating & fresh food preparation. Food demonstrations are offered to individuals receiving assistance through area food pantries, and include nutritional guidelines, recipes, cooking and familiarizing recipients to fresh produce.

Educational Print Material for Distribution

  • CHS promotes/encourages consumption of healthy sourced produce with the creation and distribution of unique recipe cards for display directly next to the produce at the food pantries — so recipients can get more information about the produce they select (including how to prepare, maintain and serve the produce).
  • CHS also engages food pantry personnel in promoting healthy eating by introducing the “Eat Fresh” Resource Guides that includes information on food handling, storage and menu ideas for preparing fresh produce.


  • Developed the “Eat Fresh” Resource Guide for food pantry personnel; a 73-page manual with recipes, storage, nutrition and display information for over 30 vegetables.
  • Distributed over 50 Resource Guides to local food pantries.
  • Developed 35 take-home recipe cards based on the “Eat Fresh” Resource Guide.
  • Distributed over 190,000 recipe cards to local food pantries.
  • Translated the 35 take-home recipe cards into Spanish for Hispanic consumers.
  • Conducted over 100 food tasting and cooking demonstrations at local food pantries.
  • Conducted two 1/2-day workshops for food pantry personnel focused on promoting healthy eating.



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